September 16, 2021

How to Create a Free Website with Free Domain and Hosting

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How to Create a Free Website with Free Domain and Hosting

No, you didn't read the title wrong. you can create a free website with a free domain and hosting. I've used it before. I didn't trust myself to continue with my website back in 2016 and I didn't want to spend any money on something I was unsure of. So I started my research on How to get a free domain, free web hosting, and of course, how do I get a free website builder since I really didn't want to code a WordPress website when I wasn't sure of the future.

Whether it's a practice website learn a bit of WordPress development, work on a bit of personal branding or set up a small business website. We all need to start somewhere. So without further delay. let's get started.

Picking up a free domain name:

Services like provide a free domain for a year. Granted the domain will have a .tk,.ml TLD (Top level domain). But it does mean you get started for free. If you don't mind a small starting fee. GoDaddy always has offers running for .com TLDs. I do not endorse GoDaddy they have great prices for the first year but subsequent years prices are usually very high.


But if you want a quick and dirty start, I would start with a free domain and then switch domains when I get the hang of owing a website and building up an online presence. This is something I do not recommend, domain names carry the SEO value that's built upon a website, and with my recent personal experience migrating from to, and the countless other rebranding campaigns I have been a part of have taught me, domain migrations take a lot of time for all URLs to switch out properly on Google. Not to mention the absurd rates I've seen for domain migration services that mostly just set up redirects.

Free Web Hosting Service

With the free domain name out of the way. It's time to get free web hosting. Without getting too technical, We're going to be setting a basic WordPress Website. Why WordPress? Wix, Squarespace, and other site builders all work very similarly to GoDaddy, Except these sites did a great work with a free website builder. While their website builder is on point, they make most of their money Upselling services and add ons, Not a fan. I feel WordPress websites just scale better in the beginning. It's best not to lock yourself into any Wix or Squarespace environment when you're starting out. Now, Who's going to provide free web hosting? 000webhost! Again free hosting comes with a catch, Free hosting basically means 000webhost will be trying to upsell you Hostinger most of the time. Hostinger and 000webhost are the same company. Hostinger provides free hosting on 000webhost to upsell their actual web hosting service, Hostinger. I've used both, Hostinger is alright to start with for a cheap web host. But their support is terrible.

000webhost provides you with PHP, MySQL database, and cPanel. It's alright if you don't understand what all this means basically you need PHP and a MySQL database to host a WordPress site. The cPanel basically stands for Control Panel an interface to manage the website hosting which makes it easier than learning command lines.

Signup for a free account on 000webhost by selecting the free hosting plan and let's start to Creating a new website on our new web host.

 xAfImW3ttYmUxXN6NfSCJFjUVngInEwp8iH4VyAZcPhyeGwQt1eJwaYhIy5voYN1cbRsUOoyfxdr 3iXnzPsIyO7E9TxvqEt8nSbBdEzM ozephqNSjWMiQkkye 2dXhNqkwtiKvVM43Y9PNg 

Enter Your Website Domain and create a password to login in to manage your website. You'll find yourself on the Website creation Wizard.

  • Step 2. Install WordPress on your website

Click on Install WordPress from your Website ManagerIc5UzKidZX6Kaq0aQiUIMNhW6MIEK9fUYY

Then Create your admin account for your WordPress login.4A4PF416CvvzKoWkrjvT2cLTDVLiAqKwAkjUh0TEM0SuPT 8B7O58KWbqkMUNlB3WGBTvKhcR JxhwSwuVyxJOKQSw1pz bygdGzSnFsrimqyNVlLHLmGBFLRpcjZPZkQjBIOSeLS8V64UnL2Q

Wait a bit as WordPress is being installed on your website.

Iso92BRkTJXbbhOxKBTMaGrFwFmqcr0w7z30hawjMHBdwEm8OIg9YohOGNfa9XtDZJcRvnRvUixAMoFMQHVIuatz5JEr ze3UlYD1htgnbWXEw6s79pSBPw7QrA z3NlfwFaYJnZylNSpF7ggw

After installation, you will see an “Go TO Config page” button. Click on the button.

And this screen will open, Provide your admin login details.M3UmsjWwpQ6IlWMf7C5Qkf6PwfErzhsn49YQo53aNe9iZI1RwlOE3TWOuuPImcaYpKMyvE0TVEsIyk0JgFUFPFORgH18zYPa aBm4ljbe2a Xp8H39GA0lu7B 2bVHgxz 07k0NkHh2Fpazbw

  • Step 3. Import Ready-made theme and website

This is the last and most important step of this tutorial. 

Now, your website is LIVE with the WordPress default hello world theme. You can visit your site by clicking on the link provided by 000webhost. Most of the cases, it is “” format. which we can change and have it work with the recently obtained free domain name.

Free Website Templates with the Astra Theme.

Astra is a theme that's bundled with some amazing features that change the whole WordPress website building process a no-brainer. it's also pretty lightweight even though it's feature-packed. You can't go wrong with Astra so let's get it installed. The most important reason, Bundled with Elementor it comes with free website templates.

Installing Astra Theme and a Free Website Template to use with Elementor

When you successfully log in to your WordPress dashboard. Go To >> Appearance >> themes

In the left sidebar options menuZi8vKFqNJR4wb2Qw5nkeC2 iUasatFIYfZ1IhFq0CDLpx6TliVPef1p609bPGaFg12uNNNlezF4Nm73lfPb1Te5odcb keeYL7ublMMNW0esdzdzR lLno7Po3GwerIFDcEDbd9BrmOAV9YKg

Click on “Add new” buttonTiVybWN9uhXSsvk94ZUZfGTklWcAn5SJAjyG6xiMsJS QICHYH7y05iP367L9fJHR3n jY2A7uDVYXz9hjZXPpKdJc3 I0mHBAfZnLbc5qkYFfsBh7vl1F9xfwdfQ4zTDQy oGAu22sUIcKg

Now, type “Astra” in search bar and activate theme after installation

hMh30efVLv81i2q1EddFi4gBOEtSDgV45k1u8U8 ImavfjCKBA1QrnBs4id91K2AU41l4LO8xqV2BxxQBA rqZ

After activating Astra theme Go To >> Appearance >> Astra Options 

and Click on “Install Importer PluginybOTzh8n8rldGIUGn4 z1lu4r4aEv3jtfmNdoNC5EfdZktLDeVUe6G2BMo9BiHWH256MN uqPzwCQFxQbLtGMkUvyUIBquQyzmdV5XcCDMnlABxu39Q 8sqSV8J8Hl7hYdourTYQXCvhKPselQ

Next, Select Elementor as a page builder8Bv03hWhm qL9lqAB2hl1LrlV7ufprQStV C9HSUI3hRwWyA2ymxdlceioGkgHckxJ0pCEthazoA6RZh54w1cgBXsXbexdi6D8nlGGgRNNqIjJOy9CvNxqYo8M13Kt6UsknCyb7hA9Xm770 2A

Next, Select Business filter

And find theme that suits your business needs. Astra have a large collection of themes for multiple business for free.

In this case, I'm going to select the very first template for this examplejku5o 76 a ZOzUkcPUJyidWbyqxP0 KwfVwbSA1dCVb mqV2

Now, Click on the Import Complete Site buttonQEN

Check all options and click on Import

DAMxOABf9ERorpp2u 7W8I8WEUH6IUuPazJUOkpsyI26C0iyhyw frzs2cq3BRnqfmBljFRlq1dlWY5jX1 IN32xMhNQrXH9t TyxKSFBkC98OBjh3ONU174WVUsJPKd

After a while, your website will be imported and will be live.

80o7 Xib69jo0GkAybmZPEgIdwTOmyaFZTIOrF5G5F23XzWWa3Y8cYWBmn5Gt1D74ibh4nHjYh 8l7GTQn9ekazz53MqHcXZZ9t0H6jmrrI2Z8zAO9MHOE6bZ7ozn1VuH4RX4SZgL7tN3oiNAw

and that's it. You have a website with all the pages from the template ready to go. Now, We need a way to edit these templates without making it complicated that's where Elementor comes in.

Free Website Builder with Elementor

Elementor is a website builder, it's free version packs a bunch that many paid Visual builders lack. it does come with some PageSpeed issues. but if you're starting out getting a responsive website with the ability to edit it visually is not a bad trade-off while we are a free plan on a free web host with 000webhost, A free domain, Let's top this off with a use a free website builder that has a million downloads.

Now a guide for Elementor is something I will expand on a little later.

But for now, How to Install Elementor Page Builder for WordPress will have to do.


Before I end this post, I wanted to give a shout out to Abilash Jaibaskaren and Krishnan Swaminathan. Two juniors I've had the pleasure of mentoring over the last few years. They have started on their own journey to building websites and build their personal brand, makesme proud to see people taking initative. So Kudos to you both.

Bonus: Free Custom Business Email

Now that you own a domain, You can add a lot more to your branding with a free custom Business Email that you can manage from your Gmail account. is the personal website of Daniel (Dan) Antony, a digital marketer passionate about business and technology
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