August 20, 2020

Check HTTP Status codes in Google Sheets for URLs

Statuses and Codes:

Okay, this little hack has become a personal favorite for me and I had to share it. I had to clean up a sitemap with over 6000 URLs and I just happened to not have my Screamingfrog (God bless the frog) License with me. I remembered the good old script editor inside Google Sheets and decided t give it a try. So Here's how you get HTTP status codes in google sheets.

HTTP STATUS CODE in Google Sheets App Script:


Head to your Google Sheets and open up the script editor

Paste the above script into the script editor. 

Remember the function name "httpstatus" is going to be your new custom command to check status codes

Save and give the project a name and accept the permissions required for it to run.

Checking the Status Codes

And Now for the moment of truth:

Go back to the google sheet and place the URL/ Domain in any Cell

I choose to bulk check a lot of them so pasted an array of domains in A.

Use the following Formula in B

and there you have it a quick and easy way to check HTTP status codes in Google Sheets. is the personal website of Daniel (Dan) Antony, a digital marketer passionate about business and technology
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