Dan Antony

I'm a Digital Marketer and a technology enthusiast,
I would love to help you with all things marketing.

What can I help you with?​

Although you never really stop learning and there’s always something new around the horizon. These are some disciplines I’m here to help you with


Technical SEO and SEO strategy are some of my top skills.

Marketing Technology

My biggest passion, I've had the pleasure of implementing some great tech stacks.

Paid Marketing

I started my career running Google Ads and Bing, and I've been doing it since.

Data Analytics

I love data and i love finding tools that make sense of them. 


Automation and saving time is a value of mine. Let's set some up for you.


I have created countless processes. Let's figure out what's yours.

The Tool belt

I like to give credit where credit is due.
Here are some of the tools that help me help you.
Elementor Googleads Hubspot Mailchimp Bubble Screamingfrog Activecampaign

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