DAN Antony

I’m here to help you with all things
marketing and business.

What can I help you with?​

Although you never really stop learning and there’s always something new around the horizon. These are some disciplines i’m here to help you with


Create meaningful Websites that both your Users and Search Engines are thankful for!​


Produce Customer focused apps and websites that scale and attract Users. ​


Strategize for the long term and the short gains, Marketing at its best.​

Social Media​

Cross platform content that builds Audiences, Don't pay for leads, Earn Evangelists.​


New customer acquisition strategy and funnel optimization. Small adjustments lead to big returns.​


New customer acquisition costs 5x more than retention. Optimize your service workflow.​

The Tool belt

I like to give credit where credit is due.
Here are some of the tools that help me help you.
Elementor Screamingfrog Bubble Hubspot Mailchimp Activecampaign

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