DAN Antony

A Digital Marketer, a Gamer, a Music enthusiast, a former Guitarist,
 A Wordpress developer, A Relentless Learner.


Marketing and Business make up my core skill set. I started with sales working at a bookstore for college credits. Learnt online marketing in 2010. I learnt marketing at my first company and made it my core skill to help businesses succeed digitally.


My interest in Technology started in 6th grade when my uncle taught me HTML. By high school, I was making bot programs for games. I'm usually found tinkering GTM, Webscrapers or exploring APIs and looking at MarTech stacks and working on websites


I am a gamer and passionately follow the industry. I love PC hardware, I was small town "famous" for playing in a local band. Music and dogs are more than passion. I have an unhealthy obsession with tests and certifications.

The Story

I started my Career at Full Creative as an in-house marketer for one of the brands. My role was primarily PPC but it quickly expanded from running numbers everyday to customer gift logistics, building pages with Unbounce. Email Campaigns, Web Analytics setup.

The Second half of my career involves going into SEO,PPC and websites. I had to fix the parent brand's website after a redesign killed the traffic and I learnt Technical SEO on the job. Over the course I got comfortable with Servers, Web Development, WordPress, Craftcms, HTML, CSS and technology.
Comfortable with technology, my role in organizations involve handling Marketing Technology stacks from Tag manager, Marketing integrations, Analytics, CRM data strategy and my favorite, making Business Stacks work with each other.

Fast forward 7 years, I’m comfortable with building websites, SEO, PPC, Tag Management, Drip campaigns, Email marketing and Marketing Technology.
Close to achieving my goal of what my mentor calls a “Techno-functional”.

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