August 1, 2019

Free Business Email at no extra cost on Any Host

Domain Names and Emails ​

While most customers prefer the phone. Email still seems to be the most preferred means of communication in the B2B sector. But starting out as a solopreneur and barely any capital would prove difficult for anyone. I personally prefer to invest the money I obtained from the ventures back for everything from hosting to Email Addresses.

Shared Hosting

While most Shared Hosting providers like GoDaddy provide a free email address along with your domain name. You'll find their email client downright terrible. What if you could still use your favorite Gmail account and still have your own personal domain attached to your emails?

Forwarding to your Email

ImprovMX was the first solution that was recommended when I was researching this problem. Their no non-sense interface and straight forward setup made them a godsend for me to use.

Adding MX records to my DNS records.

What does this mean?

An MX entry is basically telling your domain that emails are handled by the servers you've provided in the value. So anyone trying to email @ your DNS is going to ask it to sent it over to the ImprovMX servers.

Adding your New Custom Domain Email​

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Now all you have to do is type your own email address

Now All you need to do is add your new alias email into ImprovMX and click add and done.

Now anyone who emails you at your new alias the emails will be forwarded over to your email client.

Sending Emails with your custom Domain

Now this is not as straight forward as creating the Forwarding Email account But it's worth it since it's free.

This guide from Livewire  will help you set an App-specific password to use for the next step:

  1. Go to Your Gmail Settings and select add another email.
  2. Add your Newly created custom Email in the pop-up.
  3. Change
    SMTP Server to
    Email address to  Your Current Gmail Login
    Password:  The App-specific password you created.
  4. You' receive a confirmation email on adding account
  5. Confirmed!

Now you can emails as your custom domain.

Ending Note:

While GSuites keeps raising it's pricing. Services like ImprovMX allows upto 10 aliases to different emails for 10 domains for free. This could really save up on cost when starting your own business and you don't want to invest too much too early for something as crucial as Email.

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