December 8, 2014

Linkedin's Social Selling

Sales as we know it is changing, We have gone from an era of a word to mouth marketing and advertising to a full-fledged technology-driven process that's going to influence your decision.

Social Selling isn't just about making connections with the right people. It's about streamlining your posts, your connections, status updates to target the potential buyer. As a seller, we have faced frustrations time and time again related to cold calling, regardless of any modernized lead generation software, there are many brick walls you hit. Well-tailored emails may be deleted in  seconds as spam,

So how do modern marketers react to this? We turn to LinkedIn for the answers.

LinkedIn started out as a social networking site for professionals back in 2003. You probably registered like everyone else without any real understanding of its purpose. Now boasting over 313 million users with over a Billion professional connections.LinkedIn is where the "cool people" lookout for leads.

If you in sales and if you not getting into it your losing your edge and fast.

What's happening with LinkedIn's Social Selling:

Everyone's doing it and it's not the kind of trend you should be a hipster about. It is a bandwagon but it's going to propel your company. In fact, we can make bold predictions enough to call it the successor to Inside sales.

Everyone's doing it and it's not the kind of trend you should be a hipster about. It is a bandwagon but it's going to propel your company. In fact, we can make bold predictions enough to call it the successor to Inside sales.

So Why should you try Social Selling?


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By connecting to multiple members of a potential buyer's company and circle. You get to influence the decision-makers. This includes making connections with the stakeholders, the actual users, the person-in-charge of closing the deal. Back in the old days when we deal with one person either by phone or by email, information is lost by human error or by the buyer's ability to communicate the advantages to other parties involved in the process. Now with social selling, we skip the middleman conveying information and we will directly post and educate every potential decision-maker by making a social connection with them.


There isn't a businessman in the world who would say no to more contacts. With a billion connections and 2 new users per second on LinkedIn, the phrase "The world is your oyster" has never been more relevant. Every person in your social circle will eventually lead to a second or third-degree connection that will be a potential buyer. What does this mean to a seller? by asking for introductions or making relevant or interesting articles about your product that is attractive enough to gain an audience. Your post gets shared liked and commented on and these are visible and posted on their front page. Curiosity takes over and your targeted audience looks at your post likes it and is interested in it, and you get a positive response. You have just made a potential client without any software to fish out leads. You look through the profile of the individual, make the connection and you have successfully produced away reach out to a larger demographic.


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This has always been one of the key factors in any sales. Brand recognition or the most talked about brand soon invites curiosity and invites onlookers and heavily influences the choice of a vendor.

The number of connections you have and people talking about your product will make you the most favorable choice. Your social connections your posts your companies relationship with organizations will influence and build recognition and gives you the edge over the product without Social media to boost its familiarity.

Cold calling isn't getting the right people:


Most of us are doing it wrong and the generated leads aren't always accurate. its harder slower and more frustrating than it used to be and it has no direct influence over multiple decision-makers.

Cold calling 2.0 boasts adding a 100 million to salesforce but the dates are three years old along with the numbers, Now we have reached a crossroad and a division among our sales experts if Cold calling is Dead. Forbes claims it is HuffPost claims it's not. Our opinion may or may not be relevant we can make claims for either side but the truth is there are a newer playing field and everyone's getting geared up for it.

Who's already in and who's got the edge?

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By statistics, 78.6% of the current sales force is already using it to their advantage. Now that's a large number even though LinkedIn made things easier with the introduction of Sales Navigator only in July 2014.

Most, if not all of the top dogs don't need an introduction. They are revolutionizing the way we sell and the people we sell to, the technology we use to bring in customers, and bring deals to closure.

The significance lies in the fact that they are willing to share their knowledge and we're still just reading about it.

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